Thursday, September 18, 2008

Music Report

I seem to be listening to alot of music lately, and actually buying current releases. I recommend you give these a listen.

I cannot stop listening to this band. Their harmonies are reminiscent of the Beach Boys, and their music is gorgeous. I give you, Fleet Foxes. It's great Friday night drinking wine music.

I haven't heard the new Girl Talk album in its entirety yet, but that's only because I keep forgetting to go here to pay what I want for it. Thank you Radiohead. The new single is terrific, which ironically, features Radiohead and rap music.

Ah, the sweet, wonderful noise of the Breeders. It doesn't get much better than Kim Deal's voice.

Finally, while not technically a new album, this was a recent purchase for my husband's birthday (which of course, he guessed AGAIN). But, it's a sweet album of old favorites recorded by Willie Nelson and recently re-released as a 2 cd box set. I recommend you listen to Stardust as soon as possible.

Sweet dreams, everyone.

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